Utilizing the tools and techniques of ThetaHealing and Access Consciousness, Michelle and Cathi help you identify and release all that no longer serves you. They help you discover and heal or release what it is that is holding you back from achieving all that you want to achieve and all that is holding you back from being  YOU!

Their sessions are truly magical in the sense that they are able to reveal to you things that you don’t realize on a conscious level that are affecting the situation in which you are looking to resolve.


 What choice can I make today that will change my life right now?

What energy space and consciousness can I be to receive me in totality?


What energy space and consciousness can I be to live with total ease, joy and glory?


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Access Bars are so powerful in shifting in the energy in our body, click here to learn more here.


The holistic healing services we offer help you to discover your own personal power, to discover your bodies ability to heal itself through releasing negative energies and beliefs, enabling you to awaken to your own power and begin to live empowered! 


We operate about 93% of our day from our subconscious mind. We are on auto pilot making decisions, reacting to words we hear, reacting to emotions of others, often times not knowing or understanding why we are reacting.  It’s not until you begin to look inside that things begin to make sense. When you take the time to discover energetically where the beliefs, feelings, emotions, and old patterns are stored, you can evaluate that which no longer serves you and through the Creator of All That Is, create new feelings, new beliefs and establish healthy patterns that serve you in your life.  It is through this process that you begin to live your birth right of being Empowered!

Do you find yourself having the same struggles in life today that you’ve lived and experienced over and over again? Trouble with depression, anxiety, relationships, money, job, illness, lack of sexual desire, accepting your sexuality, a desire to be accepted, a desire to know who you are, lack of spiritual connection……if the answer is yes, then you were likely guided here by your guardian angels and divine healers as a way to say it’s time to begin letting go of all that no longer serves you and begin living with joy, acceptance, love, with the ability to stand in your truth of what you want out of life and begin to live Empowered!

 Call and schedule your appointment today. Sessions are available in person, over the phone or Skype.


We offer you a safe and confidential space full of unconditional love as you begin your healing journey. In this journey you can create the abundant, joyful, vibrant, loving, creative, and purpose-filled life that you desire and deserve.

You’ve come upon this page for  a reason.  Whatever the reason, we are thankful that you found us, and are here to help you begin your healing journey today.


Call today to begin experiencing what it feels like to release the past and discover the beautiful divine being within!

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May your day be full of joy and giggles today.





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