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Unconditional Healing and Wellness is a place where you can let all your worries dissipate and relax.  Our goal is to help you release the heavy energy from the shock, trauma, and negative beliefs which are stored within your being. This opens the mind, body, and spirit up to more space which allows the healing to take place.

 What would you choose to create, if there were no boundaries, no rules, no judgments, just possibilities?

This is a concept that was very foreign to me until a few years ago.  Growing up in a family that stifled creativity, expansion or doing things outside the norm, along with working in the corporate structure of having to follow procedure even when it didn’t make sense, I found myself believing that 1. I always had to have a plan,  2.  I had to follow the plan to make things happen, 3. If I deviated from my plan, I was wrong to begin with and failed to accomplish what I had set out to accomplish.  Today, I am grateful that I have a different knowing.

In my journey I’ve learned it’s OK to have a plan, (not a wrongness of me) but it’s even more exciting to present the plan you have and begin asking questions.  Questions like, How does it get better than this?  What else is possible in out creating the vision that I have?  What energy space and consciousness can me and my body be to out create (fill in the blank) today?  For my plan is only as good as what my brain knows. When I ask questions, I am asking the universe to show me more of what is possible.  I put no restrictions, no limitations, no requirements, and I don’t go looking for the answers, I patiently wait to see what shows up. I have learned to walk through doors I would not have normally walked through to see whats possible on the other side.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to let go of judgement and I’ve learned not to take on or own anyone else judgement of me.

It’s been an amazing, exciting and joyful journey.  I continue the journey and apply the tools I’ve learned which help to make the journey joyful, and full of laughter and giggles.

Our healing practice is here to help you begin living the life you dream of living.  To live life with joy, to feel the giggles of the inner child within, to have the confidence to BE YOU!  It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you deserve to live the life you desire. My clients range in age from 17 to 79 and I get excited to work with each and every one of them.  Imagine having a desire at 17 to know your inner knowing, to connect with a part of you that you know is there but you just can’t grasp, or being in your 70’s and have a desire for peace, a longing to know more, a desire to connect with a part of you that you know is there but you just can’t grasp it.  Through the facilitation in our work, you are able to connect to that part of you, you learn tools to help you choose peace in your day, and you learn tools to live beyond the judgment of self and others.

Blessings of light and love to you.



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