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Allowance and Change

great change is possible if you choose it

I remember when I was younger, September was a time when we put all the finishing touches on our harvest, everything from the hay fields, bringing in and stacking the straw bales, grinding up the oats and barley and harvesting the last of our crops from the garden. For in Alaska, where I grew up, we never knew when the first snow would fall. Although, I didn’t enjoy the seasonal change in Alaska, as it meant we had unpredictable cold weather and snow on the horizon, there was something inside me that also gave me permission to slow down and relax a little more.

Now living in California, I love experiencing the change of weather and this year I am so much more aware of my body and I am loving the cooler evenings and excited for cooler day time temperatures to show up. For Cathi and I, this year has been a time of change. We have experienced so much more than we ever thought possible. For example, we out grew our office space and transitioned to our new studio, A Place of Peace, we have traveled to Hawaii, Seattle, Puerto Rico, Denver and have plans for Las Vegas, and New Mexico by year end. None of them were even in our awareness this year or even a possibility, but when we began living in the question, that’s what showed up. There is a sense of excitement as we live in the energy of what else is possible and the knowing that something more is going to show up.  It’s almost as if we live every day with the childlike excitement of Christmas for we know that what we are generating and creating today is going to change what happens tomorrow and the day after. We now live in the awareness that awareness brings choice, which brings more awareness, which brings more choice and the cycle continues. How exciting is this and what could it change in your life?


What could I Choose


When I ask people about their willingness to change it is interesting to see how their body reacts to what comes out of their mouth. For it is often times not in sync with what the person is saying.  In fact, most often, the body is in total resistence to change and I can feel this energetic barrier that goes up. The good news is that it can be easily changed if you choose it.
Join me for a one on one session and let’s work on dropping the barriers that are stopping you from enjoying the change that is possible.  Call today and schedule your appointment. Together were going to break down the barriers you’ve built up for so long that have not allowed the life you’ve been dreaming of. I’m going to give you the tools to see your roadblocks and hop right over them.  I have new individual session packages available, click here to learn more.

Or, join me for one of my upcoming classes.  Click here to see what’s on the schedule for September and October.

I will also be adding some Access Consciousness Body process day classes to the calendar in October, how does it get better than that? 

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