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Understanding the meaning behind the common words we speak every day will likely spark the idea that you would like to change them for something that is more creative or generative in your life.  See the list below and let me know which ones you would prefer to change and what you might expect to see change if you implemented swapping out a few words.


  • Why – keeps you in the conundrum of a circle, always asking why
  • Need – leads to greed and hoarding. It’s the idea that there isn’t enough, which is a lie.
  • But – refutes what you just said.
  • Never – time is not real so this lie sticks you in a point of view and creates the limitation as external and perpetual
  • Because – everything after because is the reason and justification as for the lies you are telling yourself.

Everywhere your body is mimicing the pains, pathways and realities of others in the use of these words, will you destroy and uncreate it all now? RWGBPPA9SBB.

What else is possible that I haven’t considered?

I use this question when I feel stuck or confused. I’ve recently experienced a situation that I knew I could shift, but I wasn’t aware of what it would take to shift it. I ask this question about 10 times out loud as I was getting ready in the morning. Then I went about my day.  That afternoon I was surprised as the situation that I was concerned about completely dissipated with ease.  I love living in the question!  How about you?



How does it get better than this?

I know this sounds really simple, but it is such a potent question and it surprises me what shows up when I live in this question.  I use this question when things are going great and I’ve seen things go from great to AMAZING within a very short period of time, sometimes within minutes.  How does it get better than that?

I also use this question when things are not going well or I am feeling frustrated and again, I am surprised at how quickly things change.  It’s as if just asking the question brings a lightness to the situation.  How does it get better than that?

I challenge you to ask this question every day for a week.  Then please comment on this post and let us know what changes you noticed.

Blessings of infinite joy and giggles,  Michelle


Body, what would you like today?

How many times do you take the time to ask this question?  I had never thought to ask my body what it would like, I just went with what I wanted.  Once I learned to connect with my body, I discovered a whole new way of connecting with my body and began the process of being in communion with my body.

Tips to build communication with your body:

  • When you get dressed in the morning, ask: body what would you like to wear today?  Listen to what feels light, for that’s the energy you are looking for.
  • When are dining out, look at the menu and ask: body, what would you like to eat?  Again, listen to what feels light.  I was shocked when I heard a Tuna seared salad. I have never before ordered that in a restaurant, and to my surprise was quite delicious.
  • When you are feeling things in the body, ask: body, what awareness are you bringing to me? The key here is to not look for the answer, allow the answer to come to you.

If you are longing for communion with your body and would like to explore more, call today and schedule a session with me.



Listen to what feels light.

Once you begin living in the question, the next step is to begin listening to what comes up when you ask the question.  Do feelings of judgement, conclusions and answers begin to flood your brain? How does that make your body feel, heavy or light?

The tool of heavy or light is a way to listen to your body.  If it’s heavy, there is a lie attached, if it’s light, it’s truth.  If it feels both heavy and light, then it’s truth with a lie attached. Anytime something feels heavy, it’s time to begin asking questions.  Questions like:

  • What’s right about this that I’m not getting?
  • What part of this is truth and what part is a lie?
  • Can I change this?
  • What energy space and consciousness can my body and I be to live in the question for all eternity?

There are so many more amazing questions that I will continue to share along this journey, but first, pay attention to how your body feels when you get asked if you would like to do something or when you say I want to eat (fill in the blank) for dinner, or when you are putting on your clothes in the morning.  Heavy or light?  Your body has an amazing way of speaking to you.

If you are interested in a private session, email me: mestes9150@gmail.com or call today 916-501-4717.




“How can my day to be 10 times better than it’s ever been before?”

Living in the question is one of the most exciting, satisfying and fulfilling ways to live your life. The Universe is begging you to ask, so by asking this simple question, you are allowing an answer.

And the best thing is you don’t have to answer it! You form the question that creates millions of avenues to be answered completely, and with ease joy and grace! Stuck? Ask the question! Anxious, confused, want more? Ask the question! Extremely happy and satisfied? ASK THE QUESTION!

It’s always such a surprise to see how the Universe brings things to me that I didn’t even know before would make me as happy as they did.

It’s like getting gift after gift, throughout the day, and once you surrender and start to live in it, there is seriously nothing more exciting or empowering!

And you wonder how you ever lived any other way!

How can my day be 10 times better than it’s ever been before?


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