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Transformational Coach, Teacher and Speaker

Michelle Estes Transformational Coach, Teacher and Speaker


Do you listen to it?

I grew up in a household where intuition, mystical ways, psychics and such were not looked upon favorably. In fact, I grew up fearing people who claimed to have these gifts, for I only knew what I had been taught. So in 2002 when I decided to attend a Reiki training, which catapulted me into the world of holistic healing and coaching, it is safe to say that my parents and extended family didn’t support my new found passion.

As I look back on it, had I not known how to follow my own knowing that there was something more to life, I would have let them continue to influence me.  But there was something inside me that was curious to know more. Today, 14 years later, I rely on my intuition first and foremost. I listen to how my body responds when I am asked if I would like to attend a workshop, a friends house for dinner or a movie.  I pause for a few minutes and really listen to what I would like to do.  When you clear away the secret contracts, hidden agendas, and all the cobwebs that keep you living your life for everyone else but you, you can begin listening to your own intuition, to your own true feelings and learn your true yes and no.

My desire is to help you clear those cobwebs and forge into living YOUR truth. Take away all the judgments, conclusions, decisions that you’ve made about you, your family, your life, and experience something different.  Are you ready to venture into the gift you truly be? If yes, call and schedule an appointment today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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