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This past weekend I found myself half way down the rabbit hole of judgment, or the underworld as I see it. The good news, I had the awareness of what I was choosing and I chose ease and joy instead.  What I love about my life now, is that when I have moments of beating myself up for something (judging me) is that I spend very little time in that space. Whereas in my childhood and early adulthood, I would spend days or even weeks in the energy of self judgment until I finally broke down emotionally and had to pick myself up again.  Now I have the awareness of when I am in judgment of myself and I choose something different.   Now I have the awareness of whether to choose to enter the rabbit hole or fall deep within the crevices of the hole.


Do you have the awareness of when you are approaching the rabbit hole?  The feelings of frustration, decisions you’ve made that you think or wish you would have, could have or should have chosen differently;  The anxiety of something coming up that you can’t predict so you are having to prepare for something you don’t know what you are preparing for; the feeling of overwhelm when you sit down to try to figure something out that makes no sense to you so you spend 4 hours accomplishing nothing.    The thoughts, feelings, emotions, energies around all of that is your bodies way of telling you, wake up, your approaching the rabbit hole to the underworld!


When you enter into the rabbit hole of the underworld (judgment) you stop the flow of energy for everything you are working to accomplish.  When you are in judgment of  you, you focus on what you perceive to be the wrongness of you.  Now I ask, are you a wrongness?  Is there any part of you that is a wrongness?  What if everything about you is a rightness of you?  Do you believe it?  I am here to tell you it is absolutely true! There is not one thing about YOU that is a wrongness.

What if I told you that if you judge yourself 20% less today than you did yesterday, you would experience more joy, more love, more fun, more giggles.  Would you choose it?

It’s time to come out of the rabbit hole and begin loving YOU for YOU, accepting YOU for YOU and living YOUR life for YOU, for you are an amazing gift to this world and the world needs you to show up now.  Are you ready to come out of the judgment of you and begin living life and living in the joy, fun and the giggles of the universe?  Will you choose it?


If you are ready to chose it, but don’t know where to begin, or you’ve tried before and fell back into the same old pattern, then maybe it’s time to schedule some time with me.  Click here to schedule a session so we can break down the barriers and get you on the road to living the amazing life you are meant to live.

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