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Private Sessions with Michelle


Are you ready to be you in every aspect of your life?

Do you know there is more but have no clue how to find it?  

Discover what you are looking for in a session with Michelle.  

Private Individual Session

Available in person, Skype or over the phone

60-90 minutes in length ($150.00)

As a holistic practitioner Michelle calls upon the tools of Reiki, Theta Healing and Access Consciousness during your session.  She follows the energy of your body and helps you discover what is ready to be released.  The premise of her work is provide a space of deeper allowance, having and receiving, which you’ve likely never experienced before.  As a teacher Michelle also shares her tools with you so that you can begin to implement them into your own life helping you to sustain the change you are looking for.

What contribution to you and your life would it be to call today and schedule your session?


5-60 Minute Sessions via Phone or Skype $625.00

This is a special 5 session  package (60 minutes each) with Michelle as she guides you to the places you are blocking yourself from thriving! Her ability to connect the puzzle pieces of the repetitive patterns and unravel the lies you’ve bought to keep them in place, along with releasing the secret or hidden oaths, vows and commitments that are stopping you from thriving, is simply amazing.  Do you have a sense of what it feels like to feel the magic of possibilities in your life?  Michelle helps you to truly see and live in the energy of the magic of possibilities, if you choose it.

During these sessions you will discover:

  • What are your blind-spots? What are you choosing to remain unsighted about?
  • What lies have you bought and taken on as yours?
  • What awareness can your body bring?
  • What else is possible that you have never considered?
  • Are you willing to step in to the power and potency of you?


Access Bars, Body Processes or Verbal Processing  

5, 60-90 Minute Sessions Package Price $675


This is a package that will guide you to get in touch with YOU and your true voice, your true desire, so you live more EMPOWERED in your body!

Having your Bars ran or body work done on a weekly basis is an amazing gift to you and your body. If you are ready to transform a specific area in your life or are just wanting to realign your body and life, this is the package for you. As in all my sessions, this is a partnership. We work together to achieve and actualize what is you truly desire in life.

      • We will discover all the ways in which you avoid speaking your truth and release the hold it has on you.
      • We will explore your inner most feelings and beliefs on the areas where you struggle in life and through the use of tools will show you how to shift the behaviors so they become your strength.
      • We will uncover and release judgments, regrets, resentments, oaths, vows, secret and hidden agendas that you have been living your life with so you begin living with a new sense of freedom, energy, joy, and love.
      • If you are ready to truly step into being a NEW YOU then this is the package for you.
      • If you are tired of repeating the same old patterns in your relationships, this is the package for you.
      • If you are tired of watching and reading programs on how to change your life but haven’t been able to actualize a change, this is the package for you.

As in all my sessions, this is a partnership. We work together to achieve and actualize what you truly desire in life.

      • Services in this package must be used within 12 months of the purchase date
      • This package includes the Energetic Face-Lift
      • For individuals over Skype, Michelle will run the energies as she conducts the session.

HealthRhythms Group Sessions

Available in 60 Minute Increments and on sight for groups from 5 to 100


 Cathi is a Latin Percussionist and enjoys leading healing drum circles.  Drum circles are very healing, empowering, engaging, and provide therapeutic support for individuals with health challenges. 

Pricing varies on length of time, location and size of group.  Call us today!

Drum circle sessions are available to assist in the following:

  • Team building – through specific activities conducted during the drum session, individuals begin to see how important it is to work as a team and how when they don’t do their part, it could impact the overall project.
  • Movement and muscle toning – through drumming individuals utilize muscles of the arms for holding the drum and drumming, core muscles for stabilizing the body and depending on the type of drum may engage leg muscles to hold the drum.
  • Through specific activities conducted during the drum session, individuals experience community involvement, they experience the joy and camaraderie of drumming together to make a beautiful rhythm.


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